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Guns N Roses (feat. Styles P & Lil Fame)

from Soul On Ice 2 by Ras Kass

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Produced by Vokab
Featuring Styles P & Fame

Mixed by Federico "C Sik" Lopez


here come the drums X 2


First the 4-5 kicks, then comes the coroner
next call is the florist, mama wanna talk to you the bitch need a summoner
John-freakin-Edwards - a Medium
after the Reaper came & greeted him
niggas is light in the ass probably shit helium
the cocaine's Columbian, my bitch Argentinian
What! Elmer Fudds in the club
told you 'ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun'
you acting like the Man of Steel, and force a man to kill
or become the 'man on wheels'
paralyzing by slipping on a banana peel
Gotdamn i'm real - Casper the Friendly til i finally float a Phantom here
Born-day cakes to wakes & cold case
you No-face; just wilting carnations in a old vase
tuck in, make a "man-gina" stay in a Ho place
i walk in the booth and paint on "The Crow" face

Another bastard casket closes,
first come the Guns, and next is the mutha-fuckin Roses
Another bastard casket closes,
first come the Guns, and next is the mutha-fuckin Roses
I lay that boy down - He ain't gone get back up! X 4


I know you heard of me (Ghost) niggas refer me
as 'Mr Lay-em Down' or put his ass up in surgery
get your gas-mask: Fame, Billy & Ras Kass
and myself'll leave you ass in a trashbag
Hock Ptui on him [spitting sound effect]
let the bullet follow the phlegm, the Gem is like pen so i drew on him!
this is artwork, shit'll get dark first
before i leave i hit the automatic start first
Ya'll niggas fruity like Starburst
Before i shoot the gun had to drag it a 100 yards first
next comes the Roses, the preacher to read the Proverbs
Fuck around and leave your conversation on your Converse...
Your reflexes on your Reeboks
nerves on your Nikes 'cause I'm nice with the G-Lock
...Gunz N Roses mutha-fuckas
Nobody opposes mutha-fuckas



from Soul On Ice 2, released September 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Ras Kass Los Angeles, California

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