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Soul On Ice 2

by Ras Kass

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25 years in the making Before conversations with Elohim & Satan Nature of The Threat Still more relevant than ever Hate crimes multiplied, Christians in red hats “Zero Tolerance”, Jesus never said that! Jésus got deported tho - another orphan in the barrio Time to strap up like a sicario I was hypnotized by the audio Now the boys dance like strippers Wear stretchy jeans fake pockets & mad zippers Trust fund babies dress poor & claim hipster Gentrified the hood but will still call you a Nigga The weed legal but the police will still kill These bitches ass fake - but the pussy still real Hottest rappers cant rap they just Milli Vanilli Philly freed Meek Milly, The jury killed Billy-Cosby I prolly be underrated for life Fake my own death - go triple platinum overnight Then re-emerge in Costa Rica with Tupac Like Who Shot Ya - Guess who it’s not Since last time you paid attention I lost some friends Well, Hell - Me & Xzibit we kick it again! But most them so-called friends is gone Turned into the same fuckboy he hated - when we was trying to get on I guess hurt people - Hurt people! Neverending cycle with a fucked up sequel The internet beat major labels; then Zuckaberg sold ads & labels spin millions - so independents finish last (again!) Pay the publicist; who add you to the playlist Youtube, Spotify - it’s still pay to play bitch These Crackers brought back Reaganomics - the 80’s “The War on Crime” & incarceration for profit ...Got self destructive: they locked up my ass Thank God Chino XL & Vinny Paz said “Free Ras Kass” Arabs got banned, Black Men got shot Asian girls running around sucking any & every white boys cock?! Like it’s the new Colonialism The devil conquered by creating division Historical revision - purposely The verse will be mercury - my Silver Anniversary!
Had next after ‘Pac died - right before Eminem The West Coast Spitter! The East Coast consider em: synonym I’m nice ! A-Alike ‘Anything Goes’ - with the Al B Sure ‘Day or Night’ ‘Miami Life’ - Slay a mic Like Buster Douglas round 10 The money & fame Saw my piece of the pie but never ate a slice Cause I wrote ‘Nature of The Threat’ & prolly paid the price Plus when the homies lowkey jealous - they hate your life Deceitful cocksuckers - ungrateful muthafuckas I’m KRS - y’all just some part-time suckas...Good night! they told me fight the good fight But y’all suck whoever cock in the lime-light ….And most of em don’t even rhyme tight Call Ghost-Busters - he don’t even write his own rhymes 20/20 is hindsight - Foreskin is uncircumcised That’s a turtle-neck - not Kosher! Open your eyes - while I try to get your mind right Spat on my hands - like Jesus Christ - gave the blind sight How may mics did I terrorize 100,000 on Twitter - still not verified?! My nigga - this a sham, its rigged Rappers is hip hop cops for the man - ya dig What happened to hip hop more insulting Now the underground don’t respect skills if you don’t go Pop Aint that some backwards shit tho Like it jumping out the toilet bowl & squeezing back in your asshole Lot of basic Bars - beats just 808 Some of y’all so behind - they prostate! When I’s All-State - you in good hands! VIP on GP - I don’t need a wristband Diamond D, don’t call us OG - I’m not old school I will shoot up the whole school Get drunk off O’ Doul’s ….piss in your Pro-Tools UFC 229 with no rules I want to thank the fans, my friends & family For the one I’ll never win - this my Grammy speech SKIT (featuring Numskull of the Luniz) ...And this for leaving ‘Pac out the ‘10 Greatest Rappers List’ Whoever wrote that must of bumped they head & ate a dick Whole industry monopolized on some hater shit Shit is a sham! its glitz & glam Smoke & mirrors - say real shit, get banned Since “Massa” (master) feed the artist, can’t bite the hand You know you fucked up when you mic’d my stand So they unplugged me [feedback] Un-Loved me! If I was a baby seal they would club me Suddenly convince you I’m ugly, unlucky - just fuck me!! But I’m Lovely - aint a rapper breathing above me Best lyricist...but so-called hip hop awards snubbed me Label mad cause I won’t act like Buckwheat Tried to find another path to succeed - they obstruct me! Industry Execs on a smear campaign Assassinated my character & bashed my name “Ras a racist - he don’t like white people” I don’t like stupid ass black or white people quite equal! “He alcoholic” yeah ask every producer, artist & engineer I ever worked with I’m always prepared, most professional - 1st in the booth With the best verse as the proof Fuckboys - I’m hurting your cooch So while you nominate who dominate charts But they don’t write, can’t sing how you Artists without Art??! huh These niggas is mascots - hiding behind brands, I be tearing they mask off Ya’ll Ronald McDonald’s...LipSync Music Colonel Sanders - fake recipes frontin like he produced it They Hit Sharks; all up in the studio lurkin like “that song hot - let me buy that” Fake like he made that track - repeat that rap - wack! Then act like he a fucking egomaniac Yeah I’m talking to you …..[bleeped Artist names] So I accept this award on behalf of the true eMCee’rs Whether the fans know it or not, they need us Industry won’t feed us want us all living in Kia’s Or force black men to get rich dressing like Madea Shit, I keep it gangsta like [MC Eiht] “Gyeah” … WC - “Niiyah” My rhymes sick - chlamydia Middle finger in the air Music industry can shove it up your rear But a lot of y’all secretly - into that lifestyle - fuck RIIA
What if I told you that I am not black and you are not white that's a societal construct created to divide us Love is the light that guide us The devil makes spotlights to blind us Some fear the melanin inside us and only the better men Unite us Verse 1 Noble what he Drew on paper (Ali) All he do is tell the truth spell the proof - troops gone rappel the roof sip the Juice, from here to Belarus our Nation is Moorish we ancient and flourished mastered the oceans; we came with the currents natives with Olmec blood in our vein 800 years before they traded the 'slaves' that name means people who Slavic and we ain't Ukrainian or Baltic I'm woke & I'm Conscious it spoke to my soul - so I broke from the nonsense Timbuktu: the worlds Oldest University college perversity! turned kings into worker-bees died rose again in a three-day span trying to get ahead of cheese like a Green Bay fan we don't tan made by the equator. In "the upside-down" skin shade is why you hate us Thy Will Be Done shine in the night when it look like none... Midnight Sun HOOK: CEELO streams of consciousness. Moral compasses the nights inside you. the gods will guide you Im woke. I want the smoke thoughts provoke the conflict until the holy war is won and The Words a weapon. A verbal veteran but he cant speak unless his master lets him the winters hot and summers cold dont be surprised tonight if you see the Sun HOOK: BLACK PSALMSIST (sung in South African native Xhosa) Sililanga siyakhanya (We Are) X2 Ezinzulwini zobumnyama (We Are) X2 Bantu benyani bokuqala (We Are) X2 Kuphila kwethu lithamsanqa (We Are) X2 [TRANSLATION:] We are the Sun, we shine (We Are) X2 In the Midnight We are the People of Truth, we are the First People Our being alive is a blessing (we are becoming stronger) VERSE 2 Pre-Verse: what if i told you that you are not latino and you are not asian Latin is a dead language. we all mixed through invasion root of all civilization you find us they use miseducation to bind us naturally strong we survivors Truth is the Light to remind us Verse 2 high school teach 'true lies' the first Britain was a black man with blue eyes - "Cheddar man" : thats genetics! rewriting history and thats pathetic we Kemetic, first astronomers you pushed us- bad energy & thats kinetic culture became 'races' called it ethnic what is ethics? Asad in Syria killing all your bredren we Nephilim ... study 120 lessons like the 'X' men Red Fez to worshipping dead pres(idents) first Hebrew tribes had a head full of dreads and the letter "J" dont exist the children of Yahweh stay lit the devil is a lie: lucifer false light can't claim to be a Christian and still be Alt-Right !! Love makes us better... only way we get through this is together so I call my brothers Sun cuz he shine like one radiating the darkness... the Midnight Sun HOOK: CEELO HOOK & VAMP: BLACK PSALMIST (sung in South African native Xhosa) Sililanga siyakhanya (We Are) X2 Ezinzulwini zobumnyama (We Are) X2 Bantu benyani bokuqala (We Are) X2 Kuphila kwethu lithamsanqa (We Are) X2 Thina SinguMoya / oyingcwele Kholwa Apho sikhona / UThox'ukhona [TRANSLATION:] We are the Sun, we shine (We Are) X2 In the Midnight We are the People of Truth, we are the First People Our being alive is a blessing (we are becoming stronger) We are righteous Soul, believe it Where we are, God is
Real niggas back in style again How I’m making a lot of noise from a silent pen Adjusted the rifle scope - had to dial it in And fuck a humble loss - I’d rather have a violent win Viola Davis on the violin - ‘Who getting away with murder’ I guess the owl did - throw the towel in They ask me if I’m one of the best Just think Black Thought on Funkmaster Flex - hmm - yes! Fuck reminiscing - living in the past - shit Cause not everything old is classic All I know is get dough - battle rap - I’m reachin like a tip toe today’s current currency is crypto Hate to blast ya - but I have to I suggest you get low - ya life’s played out like Sprinkle (Salt) Bae And them fuckin “For the Dick” posts. who rocks the coast? Rassy! Cardigans & Cashmere - fuck last year HOOK out with the old, in with the new fuck what you did - its about what it do F.L.Y. Fuck Last Year F.L.Y. Fuck Last Year out with the old, in with the new fuck what you did - its about what it do F.L.Y. Fuck Last Year Lifes a bitch then you die… Time FLY Every year the ball drop in time square Age 12 my balls dropped - Adolescent male Ball Big like LaVar - Spit like Lamar Not a Arabic - still tryin to get it, Inshallah - (get what?) Get to the bag - like airport carousels Industry dudes saying - real rap will never sale You know that guy: the carrot top, the ferret tale - that nigga Half snake & half rat nigga - trap nigga, He don’t like boom-bap - well that figures I dispose of these hoes - Jack Ripper Lot of bitches getting blocked on the gram - she feel tight I’m not liking 100 pics I can’t fuck in real life! (bitch) Green, we go back to 4-Tracks So you entitled to your opinion - but not your own facts Niggas is so wack - throwing up on your throwback Time - F.L.Y. - now hold that
In the foreign or the Old School Sipping champagne or malt liquor Playing by our own rules Surrounded by Cinderella with them Glass Slippers Serve us the Soul Food with the Caviar I know you know who we are ... Certified Street Superstar Brand new CLS with my C.L.S. Cute Little Scumbag - when she undress Always keep my dick hard like Cialis (Blood bitch) active red-rag! call her PMS hood - platinum, i be. Legendary MC Smoke tree: 115 in CDC Seen a bucked-naked nigga on PCP whip 6 cops.. homies said he "3 OG" shit i'm cool! Coolio, groupies at the studio gangsters paradise, smoking doobies making movie dough. Yo! ''Sussudio'' Real earthy sister burning sage & patchouli bro Told her press the 'fro, invest in some lipstick Hey, I'm Americanized! I'm a dipshit and i flip shit - like juggling turds I roll with God-Bodys, felons, Muggles & nerds Inside or outcast; we just crumblin' herb the judge break you off a piece like hor' d'oeuvre my silver fur on the curb, watch & observe you cowards critize in a blurb from Ivory Towers - drinking the golden showers, ugh! HOOK VERSE 2 1520 Sedgwick avenue, the South Bronx got South central in the south of France croissant & poisson: like Jesus multiplied it Don't hide it, divide it: Fish & Chip - we reunited Break bread with me Life Hacks - Talk Ted with me Scratch a Lotto in the alley Don't be scared Ricky! [gun effect] Sawed-off gage to back, I spit like that foaming at the mouth like draft On Tap I commit the black-on-black. I gets down No match: Soula Boy/ Chris Brown... & shawty said the beat was like Molly Then sniffed half a gram of a Salvador Dali ("I said goddam!) Ain't no more "Illuminati" The name always changes to the Uninitiated My heart pumps the blood of Abraham and Sarah Black man in the mirror be the black pantera The cap Carolina New Era Welcome to the Terror Dome - carats like "he went to Jared's" I'll chop your arm off - you wear your heart on your sleeve See, they begged me to come - security asked me to leave... FOH
White Power is...creating Hate where at first there was none From Chinese gunpowder, the invention of the gun From ancient Egypt, steal civilization Then use miseducation to re-write Creation De-Africanize The Sphinx and re-white his face & Displace the Race, and be quite complacent We living in a real "District 9" 'Master-race' convince other people to dehumanize White Power is...against "World Peace" It'd rather cut the world in pieces! Let every European nation make colonies after the natives defeat Monopolize every natural resource and bleed it White Power is...Not Freedom! White Power is the semen that implies dark-skinned people inferior to light people?! The demon who conquered and raped other cultures got the [bastard] children of the rapist thinking they better than their brothers! so all around the world: from America to The Outback White Power prefers we be "Without Black" I got nothing but love for my Latinos but Puerto Rico why deny your negroe White Power is... Spain conquering asians renamed Filipinos; Teach them to mistreat the indigenous: they call "Negrito" (Nigga!) But they really the same people. If you darker you Less-equal So you got lighter skin Indians treated better than the Darker Same thing in Brazil, Mexico and Jakarta "Afro-Cuban" or so-called just Cuban! When genetically you the same race and we all just human White Power is...Fooling you, and idolizes itself Makes you 2nd Class Citizen while it takes your wealth White Power is...Self-hate! and Stockholm Syndrome So as i knock on your dome you are not home! HOOK1 IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE Perception is power that racial hatred devours Cowards rewrote the history that is ours Conquest is the sweet smell of a poisonous flower The slave master is the savage in the Final Hour Perception: that's what White Power relies on Racial Division: the system to build Lies on There is only 1 human race that exists i reclaim My Past, when i raise My Fist VERSE 2 White Power is...41 Million blacks trying to escape the ghetto Crabs in a barrel to push Maybach pedals Youngsters blast metal for iced out bezels 16 year old girls in 6-inch stilettos name every exotic car, brand of upscale apparel But barely read & write on a 5th grade level Blame their condition on some mythological 'Devil' With Red-Skin, 2 Horns and a Pitchfork?! ugh. 400 years - we bottom of the food-chain Think White Power did it on accident? You A New Slave White Power...prefers the middle-class bear the brunt of the economy Pay lower wages to women and minorities; Created CoIntelPro. Jim Crow Sent police dogs on children because we Marched for Equality It's the "War on Crime". the "War on Terror" White Supremists who refuse to look in the mirror! White Power instigates 'Black Power' & 'Brown Pride' Locks them in Prison and makes sure that they collide Says the innercity ignorant - when they the ones who taught us Say "Go back to Africa" - when they the ones who brought us! White Power wants more Walls and more border patrol but White Power stole the Southwest from Mexico !! Hate immigrants..but they all immigrated from Europe Neo-Nazi's claiming their blood is the purest... A false racial superiority, false sense of purity 'cause all Mankind came from little African pygmy So every genetic possibility is in me - Blue eyes, blond hair Aryan. Asian. Armenian...But in the end, White Power taught the world to Despise the Black man But still want his bitch with full lips , round ass & a nice tan?! - Nice Plan! See, White Power is conflicted; it Hates who it Loves it denigrates who it imitates to escape who it was! Took our African Religions in plain sight man By the 1500's; Jesus Christ became a white man?! And when it suits his goal, have you on the frontline fighting White Power is the emcee who keeps switching his Hype-man!! Sri Lanka versus India; Tutsi versus Hutu Palestinian versus Jew - nigga You Too! HOOK Perception is power that racial hatred devours Cowards rewrote the history that is ours Conquest is the sweet smell of a poisonous flower The slave master is the savage in the Final Hour Perception: that's what White Power relies on War is the foundation Capitalism lies on The battlefield the American soldier dies on From Botswana, Kandahar, Mogadishu to Saigon
Shark Week 03:20
Shark Week (Ras Kass speaking) " y'all niggas ain't like me nigga , imma do some shit ain't never been done in the history of music nigga We switching 4/4 time to 3/4 time signature Rhyming 1st Verse Coming up from Beneath Breaking out like great white sharks out of Cape Town Beach Polaris breach I Don't Preach just don't got no filter you wouldn't understand the family tree I'm built from ‘I am Groot’ I am Kunta in Roots I'm Footloose dancing in one Gucci boot I'm the truth no dispute Ain't interested in doing songs with you washed up sidekicks fuck'em forget'em treat them like a side bitch and switch Get off of my dick e-coli is what I spit commit schmurder when he go live 1 - 2 like 3 + 4 + 5 That's a math bar backwards niggas should call me Ssaksar ya padre! pinche tu madre no comprende Tu Sabe that's all day in broad day came a long way like money shot On 1 wheel make the slingshot Bunny Hop Kinkos 3D printer making a funny Glock ghost gun it's a wrap nigga mummie knots Verse 2 Baby bro Gotta eat so tell them GOATs I grind up meat and make shawarmas the black Jeff Dahmer My first album was cult Classic doing shit never been done before it's hard core they so flaccid 3/4 time alignment no acid futuristic niggas Jurassic fastest ain’t giving no passes bastard killing up whole classes Victim slow as molasses that shit that part telepathic move shit like Drano all bad muthafucker no bueno double rainbow Oprah Show giving the audience cars so “you get a bar and you get a bar everybody gets a bar” written by Ebony Maw nigga, this is gettin bitten by Jaws Had a lesbian couple book my Airbnb when the ménage popped off that's a share me and she Stayed at my spot for free But I fucked them for a fee that's the true definition of a P-I-M-P Career MC: I ain't never had job you mumble- rap you 23 with a ‘dad bod’ Damn God, do anything to get the face seen even floating face-down in the mainstream " you ain't gotta like me but you better respect me You ain't got to love me but you'll never forget me You ain't gotta like me but you better respect me You ain't got to love me but you'll never forget
The content in the street so watered down now (I miss the old days) and snitching at a all-time high what happened to the code that we used to die by Love don't Love nobody, cant trust nobody; for the right amount of money they'll turn Roll up in a Rover hop out With the Shits Whole city know me I'ma real one With the Shits Take-Off on sight when i see you: With the Shits Stand my ground, won't Back down I'm With the Shits VERSE 1 On The Run Eatin' - I was on my NORE Some say i had the sauce before Chef Boyardee first niggas troll you; the next they RT and if you claiming you the GOAT best be Ali niggas wanna-be Sully so they fly free then get sucked into engines like they wild geese My exe talked shit online - but hey, why beef having a meltdown broke looking like Tyrese [what more do you want from me?!] No diss! It's just this: The best offense is double "D" - like big tits Thou Shall Not Think These Thots is Loyal and rep your hood if you from the soil Educated. i read a lot! Blue sweater, V-neck tee - call me Cardigan B but never dissing a crip. only caught the flu when im sick besides that - who with the shits?! HOOK V2 Life comes full circle: back at the Capitol Building Priority Records, infact, with my children got a Zach Efron six-pack for the filming Til the Bag looking like i just sacked a Pavilions dude collude, they call it "Fake News" Swiss watch, Drip Drop: the Fortress of Solitude I need a girl to call wifey Who still love a nigga even when she dislikes me Give a man a fish - he's eating quietly Teach a Pisces to fish - she's saving society! Don't get it fucked up... we Will act violently Spirit leave your nervous system - separation anxiety Paralysis. Dialysis. Not the most glamorous. But i am the shit. This analysts watching hammer-fists A catalyst: Dizaster vs Canibus HOOK
Watered the Bush, I was 14, breakin" ; 'Raisin' - fake I.D. from Eric Davis, good vibrations, Kalonee first to take-off in an altercation like Walter Payton - running back to the drama with our 40oz bottles, the Ozzies call it 'Mackers', we call it 'McDonalds', I know hoes from Toronto who collect vinyl, then bust it wide open at the Spearmint Rhino! was thinking about settling down, but these hoes got their head in the cloud, so I'm celibate now, ...lasted a couple months then its back to being 'Slut Puppy', jumping-off like adrenaline junkies (X-boy), my brother Curt, my brother Clee, my brother Nummy go dummy! Wais P never let me go hungry 40's a 'Diva Dude" 10 pair of the same Gucci shoes my revolver big & black like Terry Crews!, [ooh!] I just love The Culture and the Bag, gee mystery to me why you lookin like Mr T; ten skinny- ass gold chains like chokers I just put Bit Coins inside my penny loafers; moonwalking across your sofa... trap musicians, y'all overdose! We get doper! north east west south, we all connected its hard to defend against the unexpected.(nigga) hook: They just caught The Right One, the right time, wrong day, even if the needle skips, homie let the song play kept it 100 when them suckas acted strange' Already! i fuck with you the long way, X2 Everlast verse2: Midtown; '88 , Venice & La Brea 17: graffiti-writing, fly-rhyme sayer hanging with the Crips clash, almost catchin whiplash watching my own back, the government sold crack, we ran Sherman square, sometimes we'd brawl, reading William S. Cooper & 'The Final Call' 'Behold a Pale Horse', and pray for the "sheeple" used to move pounds, now we all smoke legal! higher than any Eagle album ever charted 911 was an inside job- don't get me started ancient secrets were guarded, pillaged and marauded the christians Crusaded... and natives got slaughtered but every single 'holiday' you celebrate's pagan! and Hinkley loved Jodi so he shot Ron Reagan, live from Copenhagen, fighting out of California I'm running up on ya', i ain't gonna warn ya' !
INTRO FAME here come the drums X 2 VERSE 1 RAS First the 4-5 kicks, then comes the coroner next call is the florist, mama wanna talk to you the bitch need a summoner John-freakin-Edwards - a Medium after the Reaper came & greeted him niggas is light in the ass probably shit helium the cocaine's Columbian, my bitch Argentinian What! Elmer Fudds in the club told you 'ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun' you acting like the Man of Steel, and force a man to kill or become the 'man on wheels' paralyzing by slipping on a banana peel Gotdamn i'm real - Casper the Friendly til i finally float a Phantom here Born-day cakes to wakes & cold case you No-face; just wilting carnations in a old vase tuck in, make a "man-gina" stay in a Ho place i walk in the booth and paint on "The Crow" face HOOK Another bastard casket closes, first come the Guns, and next is the mutha-fuckin Roses Another bastard casket closes, first come the Guns, and next is the mutha-fuckin Roses I lay that boy down - He ain't gone get back up! X 4 VERSE 2 STYLES P I know you heard of me (Ghost) niggas refer me as 'Mr Lay-em Down' or put his ass up in surgery get your gas-mask: Fame, Billy & Ras Kass and myself'll leave you ass in a trashbag Hock Ptui on him [spitting sound effect] let the bullet follow the phlegm, the Gem is like pen so i drew on him! this is artwork, shit'll get dark first before i leave i hit the automatic start first Ya'll niggas fruity like Starburst Before i shoot the gun had to drag it a 100 yards first next comes the Roses, the preacher to read the Proverbs Fuck around and leave your conversation on your Converse... Your reflexes on your Reeboks nerves on your Nikes 'cause I'm nice with the G-Lock ...Gunz N Roses mutha-fuckas Nobody opposes mutha-fuckas HOOK
I could easily do it like i used to, but baby you ain't nothing like the usual and even though its all mutual I'd pack it up, drop off & leave [Thats What I...] used to do, 'til i met you now everything is so brand new you're giving me a reason to love them not Leave them VERSE1 RAS Girl, you know me 'Get down' from back younger used to mix the grape Koolaid & "Bird-Thunder" LA Mentality, it's no wonder I was quick to tell a bitch "lose my number" [Thats What I] still do and won't lose no slumber fuck her off Twitter, dump her on Tumblr Cirque du Soleil: I'm a juggler I throw your chick in the sky, rotate and humble her That's right before cuddle her she coming home with DNA in her jugular you massaging her back all in the tub with her you tricking off racks buying 'Bub with her [Thats What I...] Me! i won't even go to the club with her I warned you homey, don't fall in Love with her You like every other customer now see i refuse to settle- just to settle down HOOK VERSE 2 SNOOP DOGG Super Soco & Gin, Pop lock in my pen hanging out with The Twins, servin 'Yay for my ends pimpin' hard on 'em, not fake - for real bake cake for real, "Lets Make a Deal!" [Thats What I...] on the east side the 'loc creep slow with your favorite ho, rocking her boat, what you saving her for? Me & Ras spent days with the ho in the C-A-R-S-O !! (C-Arson!) Johnny struck a match; I crack a new batch came back with the Deadliest Catch No look; cook books from scratch i knock a bad bitch- all that! and show her how to fall back [Thats What I...] Frame name a game, nights to blame fights with gangs! ain't nothing changed but the Grass mayne I came Bang, fire & desire, ice & flame... Don't give that bitch your last name!
This is 5- dimensional scaling from 1- dimensional sentences God dreamt it! then His 3D printer and invented Men then Men invented sin You Red-nose Rudy's is venison Ride 59 seconds before the Minutemen- for dividends! baby got the plug, she 'bout Chicago love Twista the illest, niggas killin', How about them Cubs tho?! bar-hopping off Houston & Ludlow 'Incredible Hulk's' - think it's making my blood glow Chug more, say I turned into "Uggmo" combative and shit Too adamant, cannon - inadequate ammunition; bump stop - My hand on the clip! I pop shit like a laxative Anarchist. Activist, body whatever track it is Crack his rib Wack his kid that's metaphorical You're Neo! Why see the Oracle - that's rhetorical Trump's 'Deplorables' made honest work unaffordable He want 'the Juice' like Orenthal -rent a Hertz! I got a dead body coming and this glove don't fit Kryptonian world engine - I destroy your Traffic -you the dealer or the addict Hook: I heard they Trappin' to the Oldies I heard they- I heard they Trappin to the Oldies Cut off Levi shorts and 40's ...We. Are. Trappin to the Oldies I don't want to hear no song about living wrong it's all about getting on! flipping .OZ's They Trappin to the Oldies If you born in the '80s - you an OG HOOK All my life a real nigga All my life I been real nigga All these bitch niggas with soap boxes Claim they trap gods and dope sponsors We don't buy it No street cred only debt for lying Up on the 5th of the genie bottle wish you would try it I wish you would try it... VERSE 2 I'll leave the drama to act I'ma just stick to the facts Makes sense you goofy -your Mama wack at High school with a gat & red M.A.G.A. hat Niggas ain't woke, just Insomniac Lit off of cocaine and cognac Phony rat... Hold me back naw, fuck that! Im'a Let Go You either homo or metro -I'm hetero! No doubt I'm insured like the gecko Im gassed & full of the Petro And I told yo ass from the get-go My future is retro my past is the next flow You dead im a Necro im charged like electro Stop knocking -the Party is Next Door Dressed all black like Depeche Mode Rump Shake at a Wreckx-n-Effect show She give good brain - Intellectual Put lead to your head like you Destro VERSE 3 Real lyricists. real life experience. Sample your shit with no clearances We ride or die, you crash and burn in real life: The Fast and the furious Travel with bitches I came with a 9 but now she a 10 in the bed... Cuz I'm on Pacific standard time & AZ's an hour ahead! Lead that just shower your head Squeeze it and bust Heated them up, defeated and fucked Turned your brain to noodles and soup Like I'm feeding them pho Reppin the people- The Dreamers, Haiti, Puerto Rico I am a lethal illegal amigo One man Voltron; Black Ultron Haters keep wanting me RICO'd Nope! fuck Joe Arpaio - Turn that fucker face into pico de gallo No wins in mi casa You start & end with an "O " like spelling Ohio! Youre welcome to try though... 'Line for Line' like Scarface doing cocaine rails I supply the high; design the Sky Been fly since '95 HOOK All my life a real nigga All my life I been real nigga All these bitch niggas with soap boxes Claim they trap gods and dope sponsors We don't bite No street cred only ?? debt?? for life Up on the 5th of the genie bottle wish you would try it I wish you would try it... skit: Aye yo ma ....
Most merciful most benevolent Praise due to the 4 elements Fuck working for peanuts; Im no elephant Rich White girls backstage smoke ketamine Medellin medicine- I'm better than Predator at hunting you lettermen disrespecting the veterans peddling this "Terrigen" turn mortals Inhuman; the Melanin stung by a jellyfish? I'm sellling R. Kelly's piss "Who wan' rank?" on some 'Belly' shit Fuck every president; First lady the immigrant Don't dab but always second-hand inhaling it [Cough cough] Og Kush and peach vodka Fuck her in my sleep i'm a Dreamer like D.A.C.A. Chief Rocker, rappers too frail Dopeboy fresh; take showers in Purell HOOK I walk around town with my hand holding my dick and talk that shit. We don't fuck around with Mumble rap- YOU better spit and talk that shit Talk that shit Like you got Gingivitis nigga... you better Talk that shit VERSE 2 Now the girls like fuckboys in a Thu-suit You want warm and fuzzy? go stick your tits in a pair of Uggs boots Unfollowed you. im appalled at you, your daddy should have swallowed you! "I am Q" - How bigots claim they the victim, not Amadou? [Dialo] Forgot about the lynches at the barbecue? Big dog: Marmaduke , Fuck bodyart Stabbed him with the Andis 'T-Liner - That's a body part! Sex with golden shower - That's a pee-nut [peanut] Came in her brown eye - That's a hazel-nut Fat Buddha with Psycho Les - That's a Beatnut You know what! Stop paying for pussy that's a... (Female: doughnut??) Cashew [Cash -You!] Slow down baby All I make is soul music like MoTown baby Tell Zazie Beetz we should meet sometime Marry the illest spitter : we can be "Beats and Rhymes"! Hook VERSE 3 EL GANT Talk that shit like crap lips 'In Living Color' Butt on your face, I'm meaning you Ass-backwards I Am - the Beginning the middle the last factor I am not rescinding my lack of care for sending your man to a Life-After Trade bars with the best: Im called NAFTA Put the money in the basket hand it to my manager you can call him pastor i'm among the stars call me NASA Cheap emcees we call Shasta Splash ya soda In the cup Up up and away! hand on that pump, cocking that gage- we on a different page Y'all don't stand for nothing; We got shit to say Elon Musk when I bust , we trying to innovate I'm on the road to success you on the road to being the guy in the room nobody noticed left 45 and holding your breath, start breathing We Super Bowl material, Y'all in the Pre-season! muthafu-- ugh
Can I get a soul clap? Pete Rock soul brother number 1 Soul on Ice number 2 VERSE 1 Im mixing mango with vodka in my Nutribullet just cuz Trevon couldn't i stay hooded - way hooded Class of '96 freshman rapper My lil bro a trapper We consorting with Flappers 'The Great Gatzby' dopest nigga out if you ask me before Chapelle got ripped & Larry was Ashy I watch hashish turn into dabs 420 friendly; let you burn in the lab Im so concerned with the pad, pens and Bars No glamourous shit; besides 'Woman of the Year' got a dick?! Take money Gone Baby Gone like a stillborn Cuz I'm the Future of rap - Nayvadius Wilburn Let me get to the point, no goal tending With no fucks given! cuz I'm a rider I love women Tryna meet Lana Del Rey & climax inside her Then Whisper in her ear... "Hail Hydra!" Chorus: Do you see what I see; do you see what I see, Do you hear what I hear; do you hear what I hear. Hook: Roll a lil' something, pour out some liquor; let it take effect and the results come quicker CAN YOU FEEL IT? The results come quicker CAN YOU FEEL IT? The results come quicker VERSE 2 Too many niggas auto-tuning singing the whole verse Thought that was what the hook was for - y'all need to soul search Even got on TV wearing his Ho skirt to win Are you the type to be bisexual just to fit in?! In The End - I'm 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 I spit - transcending whatever trends I'm lit - you ain't knowing then nigga go ask a friend (It's the task of a match i will strike again) Right on God, anything less would be uncivilized you're still a Nazi if you sympathize The revolution won't be televised just 15 seconds Snapchats gats in MCM backpacks Stack a billion before Netflix & Chillin' Children of the Corn; watch my porn from the mirrored ceiling Glass sweat: the ice melt the Jamo and ginger I creep like a muthafucking ninja Chorus Hook
" Fuck you know about a Plug nigga You don't own no airplanes nigga! No submarines How the fuck it's our fault ?! verse At Max' s eating a Philly; Alt-Right tried to kill me Dropped my cheesesteak and grabbed the Mack semi scuffling, shot a republican in the face with it only the 2nd time I've seen an Eagle kill a Patriot ! that's a Brady fumble, let me slay you double Catch a L, then another - let the Ladies Love you Rappers lazy; paying baby dues to vaguely mumble I'm from a stronger breed victims of the 80's struggle Crack cocaine decimated poor neighborhoods Politicians attacked us for 'the Greater Good' "The War on Crime" got more people in prison - than living in Wyoming and South Dakota combined! Society blind, or willfully ignorant Ain't no moral High Ground when you're killing your citizens Yo! the 'hood got locked for rock The Burbs sniffed powder & got a slap on the wrist from Cops Stop Frisk. Stand Your Ground. had bitches with Me boostin' in Beverly Hills when Whitney Houston drowned Vilified... then Tom Petty died, they ain't like that the irony is... they don't like facts Hook Black drug addiction: we get jailed for our vices They cry for treatment when it happened to the white kids "War on Drugs" or "Opioid Crisis" ?! Big Pharm kills more Americans than Isis the FDA is El Chapo they the drug dealers - Drug Stores on every block yo Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Duane Reade... heroin in your mainstream 2nd verse Then 'The Purple One OD'd.. I went from The Revolution, to sitting in the nosebleeds Youngsters try to insinuate you're washed up they call you OG Nope! I'm just the homie You in the Trap! I'm the best, little nigga wash your dirty fucking mouth out with Zest, little nigga & Lil Peep got depressed, deceased his flesh So how is it legal to sell a drug with a million side effects? Including death! cause the same condition it supposed to treat No cure! they sell temporary pain relief Big Pharmaceutical Companies supply the 'burbs Cuz all the pills in West Virginia made by Heisenberg Republicans blame Mexico - visit New Hampshire, where'r the Mexicans?! I asked Alexa [Echoe] & them: How do I make heroin out of Dexatrim and Fentanyl Y'all catching Zzzz's when I spit at y'all I should be in Forbes for all the illest bars Time to join the racquet- no tennis ball It Ain't the Mexican cartel ain't the Black Folk cuz the real Plug wearing white lab coats Repeat Hook


It’s been nearly a quarter century since Soul of Ice and they still can’t handle the truth. In fact, the intervening decades since Ras Kass dropped his classic debut have only validated the poisonous and panoramic vision of the waterproof MC, who was immediately hailed as the West Coast’s answer to Nas. And with the nature of the threat growing more real by the minute, there couldn’t be a more necessary time for Soul on Ice 2.

In nearly half a century of rap, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone as venomous, cerebral and creatively fearless as Ras Kass. His lyrics are like a form of alcohol that ruthlessly kills all toxic germs. Real hip-hop that aims for the jugular. The best music takes risks and Soul on Ice 2 is so determined to expose uncomfortable truths that in another era it would’ve ended up on a banned albums list. It finds the Watts and Carson-raised seer determined to apply disinfectant and pressure to the ever-expanding list of American atrocities; this time accompanied by a hall of fame lineup of rappers and producers including Diamond D, Pete Rock, Snoop Dogg, Immortal Technique, Justice League, Cee-Lo Green, DJ Green Lantern, Everlast, Styles P and M.O.P.

From the first track, Ras Kass lays his mission statement in visceral and unyielding terms. The nature of the threat remains more relevant than ever. Hate crimes are multiplying. There are Christians in red hats preaching zero tolerance. In a sly aside, Ras cracks the irony: “Jesus never said that.” The beat, courtesy of Twiz the Beat Pro operates in communion with Ras’ semi-automatic-wrapped-in-sandpaper voice, flipping a sample of the phrase “it’s been such a long long time.”

What’s stark is how little has changed. The ghosts of America’s original sins continue to haunt, but they’re now twinned with a variety of new indignities from minor to major. They range from trust fund kids pretending to be broke and plasticine women to weed being legal but the police will still kill you. Then Ras punctuates his flurry of bars by adding that he’ll probably be underrated for life. It’s a claim that underscores exactly why his music has continued to matter: it’s unvarnished and intelligent, devoid of gimmicks or overwrought plays for radio. These are anthems for seekers and the curious, those who refuse to adhere to the easy answers and dim lies disseminated by the sinister and the simple minded.

There is “Grammy Speech,” where Ras imagines what he’d say if he was ever called up the Staples Center podium. Over a stomp-your-life out beat that recalls Diamond D’s late 90s collaborations with Pharoahe Monch, Rass spits a life story in a matter of minutes. He unloads about being feared and snubbed, corrects popular misconceptions, attacks the slithering nature of the music industry and accepts the award for all the real MCs.

Consider “Midnight Sun,” where Cee-Lo adds red clay soul to a fulmination about the false construction of race. The thundering “White Power,” where Immortal Technique and Ras eviscerate the tenets of white supremacy and chronicle the grotesque litany of evils committed by this demonic colonizer mentality. Yet for all the rage, it finishes with a message of unity -- the notion that all races are really one -- and the only hope for the future is to overthrow the yoke of antiquated thinking.

"Guns and Roses” finds Ras wrecking a dusty psychedelic flip with M.O.P and Styles P. It’s a classic four alarm, bring-the-big-guns assault. A tunnel banger for the second decade of the 21st Century. “LL Cool” brings Snoop Dogg to Carson so the duo of West Coast legends can conjure a pimped-out low-riding cruise in silk shirts and open collars. The finale is the harrowing “Opoid Crisis,” where Ras threatens to murder Republicans before connecting the threads between the CIA flooding inner-cities with crack and evil corporations getting the entire populace addicted with the tacit support of the U.S. government.

None of this is for the faint hearted, but Ras Kass never made music for the soft-handed and headed. On his latest opus, you realize exactly what a dramatic influence he’s has had on everyone from Kenrick Lamar and Ab-Soul to Dead Prez and Jay Electronica. Another gem burnishing the indelible legacy of the one of the greatest rappers to ever incinerate a microphone. This is eternal soul, ice-cold but somehow never less than searing.


released September 6, 2019

Mixed by Richard Segal Huredia / Parks / Pederico "C Sik Lopez / Jamey Staub
Mastered by Redsecta
Cover Photo by Pep Williams
Back Photo by Maxwell Benson
Graphic Design by Guerillapress


all rights reserved



Ras Kass Los Angeles, California

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